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>> hurley should still be proud inspect yo . your parents are proud of you either way. that's it for me. brooke baldwin takes it from here. they're being called the new generation of al qaeda, and their apparent new plot has the world on edge. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. he cheated. he lied. and now baseball's most expensive star may be about to go to war with his league. wh what would you do? >> leave him alone! >> a school bus driver doesn't step in as a student cries for help during a brutal beating. plus, the army psychiatrist accused of the fort hood massacre could cross-examine victims. hear what they're saying. and -- ♪ camouflage shadows ♪ no guns >> schoolteacher by day, burqa avenger by night. what this new cartoon character
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is fighting for. hi there, i'm brooke baldwin. great to be with you on this monday. we begin with the highest paid player on the most high-profile team in all of major league baseball. you know who i'm talking about. alex rodriguez. he is famous for his record-setting performance, his celebrity girlfriends, and his exploits on the baseball diamond. but one of the game's most storied careers is coming apart at the seams as i speak because what we're learning, we are expecting major league baseball to issue a news release anytime now, outlining this punishment for a-rod and a group of other players all linked to this miami clinic alleged to have distributed these peds, these performance enhancing drugs. but even with today's imminent announcement, this saga is far from over.
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cnn sports' rachel nichols is tracking the story from new york. and jason carroll in chicago, he plans to be in today's lineup against the white sox. we've heard from the manager saying he's pencilled him in. rachel, nichols, what are we expecting to happen both to rodriguez and these other players involved? >> reporter: well, this is getting fascinating, brooke, because baseball is planning to use this evidence it gathered from this miami clinic to suspend 13 players today. and reports over the last hour have indicated that 12 of those 13 players are going to accept their suspensions. 50 games each for each one of them. none of them, according to these p multiple reports, plan to appeal. they're all going to start serving today. the lone holdout, alex rodriguez. a-rod has said that he denies any wrongdoing. he is going to appeal any suspension that he gets. now, of course, things could change at the 11th hour, but so far we are expecting him to be suspended to appeal that
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immediately. and there was some talk from major league baseball last week that maybe they've used special powers of the commissioner to keep him off the field during his appeal. that doesn't sound like it's going to happen. so it sounds like he can appeal, show up for the new york yankees today in chicago. by the way, his first game of the season, probably get booed in a park that is not full of friendly fans, and then, brooke, this saga is going to go on for the next month orrbitrator look. >> jason carroll, expecting booing in the white sox stadium. what are you hearing there in chicago? >> reporter: well, first, i should tell you, brooke, we've already heard some of the booing. we heard it this weekend when i was out in new jersey. as you know, rodriguez playing aa ball out there. i heard some boos when i hit the field. but also heard some cheers as well. expecting to hear that in chicago as well. but they won't be all boos. as i was standing out here doing some live reporting, we saw one
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guy walk by with the yankees jersey on. it had "rodriguez" there on the back. we pulled him over. and we know there's at least one fan out there who feels as though rodriguez deserves a second chance. >> it's not okay to do steroids and stuff, but i'm just saying, do i think it's fair for him to get a lifetime ban or 214 games that they're talking about compared to everybody else that sat 67 when braun did about the same thing as a-rod? i don't think so. you know. >> reporter: and we've heard rodriguez say something similar to that, brooke. basically rodriguez saying that he feels as though he's being singled out. because he's a high-profile, highly paid player. he feels as though it's a double standard. one standard for him, another standard for some of the other players. so that's probably going to be the basis of part of his appeal.
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also, he says, as you heard rachel say a little earlier, says he is not guilty of the allegations, was not connected to that clinic, that anti-aging clinic down there in florida. so it's going to be an interesting game, to say the least. i think it was espn who basically said it's not going to be just a game. it's going to be more like a circus. i'm actually anxious to see what will happen. later on this evening. >> i think if you were to talk to a lot of people, they mentioned circus and yankees, a lot in the same sentence. and just in terms of dollars and yents for the nonbaseball viewing audience, this is a guy who, it was 2007, signed with the yankees for $275 million over the course of ten years. rachel, back to you. i mean, put this, though, more in perspective as we await this lone holdout here, this 13th man. tell us why we really should care. because a lot of people want this to go away. >> reporter: both of those things can be true. you want it to go away and care about why it's happening.
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look, this is a very interesting case. this didn't come about because of a spate of positive tests. instead we're looking about what is likely going to be the largest performance enhancing drugs scandal in the history of american sports because of baseball's aggressive investigation into this clinic. we really haven't seen this from sports leagues in the past. normally they wait around for the positive test to come in. instead baseball recognizing and has had a huge problem with this, went after the players involved with this clinic, used other evidence to bring these guys in. so that's first of all a big change. and we may see some other leagues follow. you've also seen a sea change among the players. during the so-called steroid era of baseball, which by the way, of course, we know never really ended, but the whole mark mcgwire, samcy sosa air ya, we saw players close ranks around guys accused of using steroids. hey, hey, don't bother us about this. now clubhouse after clubhouse, we listened to players saying get them. go get the guys who were
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cheating. we don't want them in the game. that is a huge change and that is going to affect the penalty going forward. i think you're going to only see them get tougher. >> as soon as we get the news, obviously we'll bring you back up and to players to talk about what everyone is talking about today, a-rod and this news that we're awaiting. jason carroll, rachel nichols, thank you both very much. let me move on for now and tell that you the united states government is closed for business across much of the mideast and africa today. this is the terrorist threat. we talked about this on friday. apparently based upon an intercepted message from within the ranks of al qaeda. but take a look with me. take a look at egypt. here it is. american flag is flying. but the u.s. embassy is locked. it is closed until friday. bangladesh, a heightened security presence there, at the embassy in da'ka and yemen. in all, i am talking about 19 embassies closed. the entire week. a defensive move, unprecedented
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in scope. authorities say the intel is the scariest stuff they have seen since the days before 9/11. take a listen to this. >> of course, this threat was so specific as to how enormous it was going to be and also there were certain dates given, but it didn't specify where it's going to be. and the assumption is that it's probably most likely to happen in the middle east at or about one of the embassies. there's no guarantee of that at all. >> congressman king says it could happen in europe. it could even happen here at home. keep in mind, al qaeda has tried at least three times since 9/11 to bomb incoming airliners. our terrorism analyst is joining me now from washington. there is nick paton walsh coming to us from beirut. what are you hearing new today? new intelligence? new warnings? new indications of where this purported threat might
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originate? >> reporter: well, brooke, it seems that the threat originates in yemen. there's a lot of concern because it may be linked to the chief bombmaker of the group in yemen, ibrahim asyria. he's the mastermind behind those three attempts against u.s. airliners. three plots against u.s. airliners in recent years. he's been able to build the most sophisticated devices ever seen from al qaeda devices which are very difficult for detection, scanner equipment to pick up. so a lot of concern that he may be linked to this plot. this is a guy who put a bomb inside his own brother in august 2009 to target the head of saudi counterterrorism, brooke. >> i want to come back to you about al asiri and the cutting-edge bombmaking, if you will. nick, to you, as we have been reporting, really one of the wild cards here is this rash of prison breaks. you have hundreds of militants who have been sprung in these nine different countries in the month of july including some with al qaeda connections. i mean, here's the tick tock, the time line, if you will.
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how can these bad guys return to the battlefield so quickly? >> reporter: this complexity in working out exactly how that would take shape, interpol put out an alert over the weekend. 11 jail breaks, 9 countries in just 25 days. pakistan, libya, iraq. we've confirmed today with iraqi officials, and in fact, it's the war minister of al qaeda in iraq who was released in that jailbreak. this is where it gets more complex. a lot of these high-profile militants have battles to fight in pakistan, in iraq, sectarian violence. in syria even as well. al qaeda having changed in shape slightly to be more about interarab violence in just targeting america that we remember seven, eight years ago in at the height of the bush administration. many asking, yes, how fast can these militants get back into play? is someone like the minister at war, would he be looking to make
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a threat on america or more on this civil war almost happening in iraq now that killed over 1,000 people last month, brooke. >> and paul, back to you. talking about this mastermind, bombmaker, al asiri who put this bomb on his brother, if you can just characterize for me, this group, al qaeda on the ararian peninsula. clearly they seem hellbent on using airliners as an example. they are constantly the group trying to stay one step ahead as far as their own detection. are they younger? are they organized? how brazen are they? >> well, al qaeda in the ararian peninsula is an organized group, and they also have a track record of hitting u.s. interests in the region. in september 2008, they carried out a sophisticated multiphase attack on the u.s. embassy in sana'a. they didn't manage to breach the embassy perimeter, but six yemeni guards were killed in
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that attack. according to sources who have spoken to cnn, there are also three operatives from the group who actually participated in the attack on the consequenulate in benghazi last year. this is a group with a track record of hitting the united states, brooke. >> paul cruickshank and nick paton walsh, thank you very much. coming up, a young woman found dead and burned inside her own apartment just days after two other women were attacked and burned as well in the same city. might there be a connection? we'll look into that. plus, a teenager is on trial for allegedly helping his father murder a young boy. and today that father takes the stand. and let me tell you, it's gotten very heated. >> i've been sentenced for it, life in prison. yet here i am going over the same [ bleep ] story.
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detroit police calling it an unprecedented case. a woman found dead, burned in a detroit apartment days after two other women were also found
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attacked. both left for dead in a nearby vacant field. one of them with burn marks on her body. cnn's rosa flores joins me with more on this one. and rosa, what are police saying? are they connecting these women at all? >> reporter: you know, that's the big question. i just got off the phone with detroit police, and the public information officer there tells me that they are investigating these three cases separately. right now they don't believe that these cases are related. but here is what we know. the latest body was discovered after detroit firefighters put out an apartment fire saturday. the woman has not been identified, but investigators do say that she is in her 20s. now, the medical examiner has not determined the cause of death at this point in time. here's what's very interesting. a week earlier to the day on jewel 27th, a 30-year-old woman was found physically assaulted
11:17 am
in a vacant field. her continue is unknown at this time. but hear this. a day earlier on july 27th, a 37-year-old was also found in a vacant field physically assaulted and with burn marks. now, her current condition is also unknown. now, according to the fire department, the arson unit is also investigating. now, the cause of the fire, of course, has not been determined at this point in time because it's early in the investigation. now, the police department is also investigating. again, all of these cases separately, they tell me, but they also tell me that they are waiting for the medical examiner to determine the cause of death to, of course, hopefully find some leads for them to follow. at this point they say it's very early in the investigation. brook, they're saying that these three cases are not being investigated as one. they're not being connected. but, of course, three women, two of them in a vacant lot. another one in an apartment complex. we've got to ask the questions, of course. >> rosa flores, you're going to
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say on it. thank you. coming up next, terror on the boardwalk as this car just plows through this group of people, leaving one woman dead. the police say the driver was, quote, bent on doing evil. but why? next. i'm gonna have to ask you to power down your little word game. i think your friends will understand., it's actually my geico app...see? ...i just uh paid my bill. did you really? from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7. sounds a little too good to be true sir. i'll believe that when pigs fly. ok, did she seriously just say that? geico. just a click away with our free mobile app.
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a plan police say was, quote, bent on doing evil has killed one person, wounded 11 others during a deadly rampage on this venice beach boardwalk. his weapon, not a gun, not a bomb, it was his car. i want to you watch this with me. watch the background of this surveillance video here, and you're going to see the car starts to accelerate. watch the spotlighted area. plows through. you see them falling over, plows through victims, just enjoying their saturday at the beach. they're walking along this crowded venice beach boardwalk. >> he just drove and took that left turn down the center of the boardwalk and just started driving. and bodies were scattered and bodies were flying in the air. and people were screaming. and it was absolute mayhem. >> you could tell he intentionally continued to drive and speed up.
11:22 am
that's when it became, like, jaw dropping. like you just freeze. and what is happening here? >> it was like something out of a movie, something you'd never expect to see. there were people flying, laying on the ground, tents flying everywhere. >> he had to have pressed his foot to the gas, you know, pedal to the metal because the tires started screeching. and i saw him. he was looking for blood. that guy was -- that guy, his intention was to kill people. >> one woman was killed. a 32-year-old from italy. her husband told police they were on their honeymoon. cnn's paul vercammen has more from venice beach. paul? >> reporter: brooke, the lapd now saying that 15 people were injured in the crash. all of them out of the hospital. the one person killed is alice grupioni from bologna, italy. her husband said to be doing fine physically, not mentally. the couple were wrapping up the los angeles leg of their honeymoon and headed to tahiti
11:23 am
next. as for the suspect, nathan campbell, 38 years old. and a transient. as for the timing of this, this is possibly the most crowded time at the venice boardwalk. a saturday evening just before sundown when it is jammed with both tourists and local residents. in the video, it seems like campbell looks at the boardwalk as if to case it and then goes back to his car and steps on the gas. many of the witnesses saying that he was pulling a slalom-type move to hit pedestrians on that crowded boardwalk. now back to you, brooke. >> awful. paul vercammen, thank you. and we're going to stay on it because thex hour i'll talk to a councilman whose district includes venice about how additional barrier as long the boardwalk are needed. coming up next, josh young, 17-year-old on trial for complicit to murder in the death of his stepbrother. today that boy's father is on the stand, and he claims he
11:24 am
acted alone in the murder of his stepson. >> [ bleep ] i've lied this whole [ bleep ] time except since arraignment. since arraignment court, i've told you i've done it. i've admitted everything i've done. i've been sentenced for it. life in prison. yet here i am, going over the same [ bleep ] story. >> well, our jane velez-mitchell will join me. she's all over this bleep-filled testimony today. don't miss this. [ man ] look how beautiful it is.
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11:28 am
father of josh young and has pled guilty to killing young stepbrother trey zwicker. his trial is in louisville. it has seen its share of sordid stories, but today stood out when gouker talked about killing zwicker. here he was. >> [ bleep ] i've lied this whole [ bleep ] time except since arraignment. since arraignment court, i've told you i've done it. i've admitted everything i've done. i've been sentenced for it. life in prison. yet here i am, going over the same [ bleep ] story. if it says i said it, then i said it. i don't deny nothing i've said. i'm a [ bleep ] you know what i mean? but i was probably telling the truth about that. i don't know. >> okay. >> [ bleep ] didn't really mean nothing to me, you know what i mean? i was trying to get past that
11:29 am
day. >> you told them when they got there, that little josh had confessed to you on the night of may 14th, right? >> yeah. yeah, the day -- i told them it was the day i got back from talking to him because he wanted me to take a polygraph. and i knew i had convinced him during that interview, i believed he believed that i didn't have nothing to do with it. >> "hln's" jane velez-mitchell, you have been following this trial every day. talk about a bleep-filled testimony. i see you shaking your head. tell me every day is not like this. >> look, there's been a lot of monsters in the news lately, and this guy is right up there. i call him hell dad. he is a vicious, vicious individual who served time for armed robbery and assault. and he gets out. and he takes his son who was thriving in a foster home. and within a couple of months, there's a murder. and the reason why his testimony is not to be believed is because he's a self-admitted pathological liar who was told
11:30 am
many, many different stories at different times. he originally blamed this teenager's death, his stepson's death, on a group of african-american kids. and he chuckled about that on the stand today. then he turned around and said, well, my own son actually killed trey zwicker, but don't worry about it. he's a minor. he's 15 at the time. he's going to get off with a slap on the wrist. now that his son is charged as an adult and could go to prison for life, he's saying, i did it. i beat the boy to death with a pipe. i did it alone. >> so how -- if you're sitting in this courtroom and you're a member of the jury and you hear him tell one story and then he pulls a 180 and then tells another, how do you handle that? how do you take this guy seriously? >> well, you can't. it's like the jodi arias trial all over again. he has zero -- he has less than zero credibility. >> credibility. >> and then his behavior on the stand. i mean, the obscenities and his
11:31 am
laughing about this. at one point he even said, you know, this is just one murder. what's the big deal? it's not a lot of people who have died. it's only one person. so this guy -- you know what's really sad is ultimately you have to wonder, will the sins of the father be visited upon the son? even if the son did have something to do with it given the horrific influence of this man who ripped him from a stable home and then proceeded to plot him with drugs, sex tapes, torture animals together. this guy corrupted his son. and whether or not his son is guilty or not, you've got to wonder at the end of the day, is the ultimate guilt resting upon this monstrous man? >> so where does this go next? >> well, we're going to have to see. basically, a lot of people have said that the prosecution has presented a very weak case against the son. ultimately, they have a word of some people who said the kid confessed to them. now, was he bragging, trying to impress his dad, trying to live up to his dad's perverse ideals? or was he in some way complicit?
11:32 am
did he help his dad, for example, dispose of evidence? we just don't know. >> jane very well liz mitchell, thank you so much. you'll be on this tonight. your show airs 7:00 p.m. eastern on "hln." thank you very much. >> thanks, brooke. next, brutal beating on a school bus. have you seen this? the whole thing caught on camera. the driver of the bus is coming under fire because people are saying he did not do enough to stop the fight. but according to school policy, look at this, according to school policy, he did nothing wrong. what would you do? we're going to talk about this on the case next. the great outdoors... ...and a great deal. thanks to dad. nope eeeeh... oh, guys let's leave the deals to ooh that one! nice. got it! oh my gosh this is so cool... awesome! perfect! yep, and no angry bears. the perfect place is on sale now.
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just before we get to this next story, fair warning for you. the video you're about to see may be tough to look at. because what it shows are these three teenagers beating on a boy in a hail of at least a dozen stomps and punches and kicks on
11:36 am
this school bus. the attackers are under arrest. but now the school bus driver is under fire for not doing more to help this 13-year-old victim. here is cnn's pamela brown. >> you've got to get up out of here. please, please, please. they about to beat this boy to death. please get somebody here quick. there's nothing i can do. >> reporter: the school bus driver looks on in horror, pleading them to stop this vicious attack. >> i need help in a hurry. i've got a fight. >> reporter: police say three 15-year-olds attacked the 13-year-old after telling officials that one had tried to sell him drugs. you can hear the 13-year-old's cries for help as he's mercilessly punched and stomped. police say the attackers broke the victim's arm and stole his money. the three boys were arrested on
11:37 am
aggravated battery charges. according to pinellas county school policy, the driver is not required to intervene, only to call dispatch. he says he was too afraid to step in. >> the three boys just jumped on him and started pounding on him. and i did all i can. i was looking -- it was like i was in shock. i was petrified. >> reporter: pinellas county leaves it up to the driver. but many counties actually forbid drivers from physically stopping fights. therefore police say moody won't face charges but that the 64-year-old could have done more. >> there was clearly an opportunity for him to intervene and/or check on the welfare of the children in this -- or the child in this case. and he didn't make any effort to do so. >> reporter: while his attorney says that was not an option, moody says he's haunted by the attack, wondering if he could have done more. >> i wanted to help him so bad. i wanted to help him so bad. i wanted to help him. >> he says he wanted to help him. sunny hostin.
11:38 am
i know you have your mom hat and your prosecutor hat on, your legal analyst hat on. it's so easy for people to react to the video, to react to what the school bus driver did or didn't do. quickly for our viewers, in the piece, the pinellas county officer said he did nothing wrong by stepping in. what do you make of it? >> yeah, that certainly is a requirement when there is a bus driver watching a fight, a lot of teachers are not required to intervene when there is a physical fight in their classroom. in fact, some jurisdictions prevent or prohibit, rather, teachers from intervening. and i think that's surprising to many people. it's surprising to me as a mother that when your child is in the care of others on a bus or in a school, i think the bus -- the bus, quite frankly, is an extension of the school, that your children really aren't protected by those that are in -- that they're being cared for. and so it's shocking, but that generally is the law.
11:39 am
>> why is that, though? is it because of the litigious nature of people, the fear of a suit involving the school? explain that. >> yeah. i mean, i think, brooke, if you look at the history of the legislation, absolutely that's always been a consideration. you don't want the school district or the bus company to be found civilly liable. we see it in our good samaritan laws. there are all of these cases where you see someone, and as a human being, you want to help them, but sometimes, let's say a doctor driving past an accident gets out of her car and helps someone and then there's some sort of negligence, that person sometimes comes after the doctor for helping and helping in a negligent way. so if you look at the history of these types of situations, yes, people are trying to protect themselves. but i think we've gotten it wrong in our society. i think that when you're a bus driver, i think when you're a teacher and you have other people's children in your care -- >> he was on the phone with the
11:40 am
dispatch. >> -- you have the duty. that's not enough. >> he was on the phone with dispatch. he was screaming at them to stop. but let's say law aside, as a mom, and this is your kid, this is your 13-year-old, you're sitting there thinking, get up. right? >> yeah, get up. get up. defuse the situation. maybe you don't have to get physical, but you are the adult in charge. and so i think there has to be some sort of legislation put in place that requires bus drivers to get involved. remember, there was a case -- i believe it was in arkansas where a deranged man got on a school bus and was asking that school bus driver to take two children off the bus. well, what did he do? he protected them. yes, he lost his life. one of the children was taken to a bunker. and we know how, you know, that story. >> alabama. >> in alabama, not arkansas. but i think that that bus driver did what all parents and people, quite frankly, expect our bus drivers, our teachers, our adults to do when they are caring for our children. so i think at the very least, brooke, let this case be a
11:41 am
lesson that changes need to be made here in florida where this happened and all around our country. and we need to examine what really are the responsibilities of bus drivers and teachers, for that matter. >> sunny hostin, love your perspective. great to see you back here. thank you very much. >> thanks, brooke. coming up, back to san diego. back to the mayor there, bob filner. he begins day one of his two-week intensive rehab therapy today after several allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior, sexual misconduct have begun to surface. but the calls for his resignation, folks, not going away. that's next. people join angie's list for all kinds of reasons. i go to angie's list to gauge whether or not the projects will be done in a timely fashion and within budget. angie's list members can tell you which provider is the best in town. you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare. now that we're expecting, i like the fact i can go onto angie's list and look for pediatricians. the service providers that i've found on angie's list actually have blown me away. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list.
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in cleveland, ohio, ariel castro's family members visited the home where he held those three women captive for more than a decade. the family gathered items from the home like musical instruments, tools before this whole thing is demolished. remember, this is part of that whole plea deal. any money they find will be turned over to authorities. castro's lawyer described some of the items that the family found in there. >> they were fortunate to find some of their personal effects at the house. they haven't seen since childhood. >> like what? >> well, they found a lot of pictures. and they found things that they had in their bedrooms when they were little children. and so it was really -- it was very emotional for them. and i'm glad that they found some finality here today. >> that house is due to be torn down as early as this week. now to some of the hottest stories in a flash. we call it "rapid fire." roll it.
11:45 am
beginning in boss done. closing arguments are set for today in a trial of reputed mob boss james "whitey" bulger. prosecutors not at all holding back, calling the accused mob boss one of the most, quote, vicious, violent and calculating criminals to ever walk the streets of boston. each side has three hours to make its case before the jury decides bulger's fate. in mississippi, a veteran skydiver has died, and a novice is in critical condition after a parachuting accident over the weekend. the pair jumped in tandem but never made it to the landing zone. both were found hours later in a heavily wooded swamp. the sky-diving company says the instructor was highly trained. highly experienced. >> i will tell you that the instructor, highly trained, professional, thousands of jumps, tandem instructor, pilot,
11:46 am
accelerated free-fall instruc r instructor. he's been in the sport for many, many years. >> the sky-diving company says the main chute had been cut away, and the reserve chute was deployed. the exact cause of the accident is under investigation. and san diego mayor bob filner today begins his two weeks of therapy related to his alleged sexual harassment of women. at least ten now, ten ladies have claimed filner made inappropriate comments to them, engaged in improper conduct. filner who took office just eight months ago admits he needs help. >> beginning on august 5th, i will be entering a behavior counseling clinic to undergo two weeks of intensive therapy to begin the process of addressing my behavior. >> filner has refused to step down as mayor, and no interim mayor has been named while he is in the two weeks of therapy. lunch, anyone? in london, the world's first stem cell burger. you heard me right. it was cooked and eaten today.
11:47 am
it tloook three months to make out of a cow's muscle cells. the test tube burger cost around $330,000 to develop. whew! and was mostly funded through an anonymous donation. a volunteer taster said the burger was, quote, close to meat but misses salt and pepper. a lot of money for a burger. next, the trial of alleged fort hood shorter nadal hassan set to begin this week. did you know he'll be representing himself in the trial? so his victims, they will have to take the stand and answer questions from the man who shot them that's next. if you've got it, you know how hard it can be to breathe and man, you know how that feels. copd includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that helps open my obstructed airways for a full 24 hours. you know, spiriva helps me breathe easier. spiriva handihaler tiotropium bromide inhalation powder
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11:50 am
three years and nine months ago, an army base in texas came under attack not by some overseas enemy but by one of their own. army major nidal hasan is accused of committing that 2009 mass shooting at fort hood. testimony in his court-martial is expected to start tomorrow. you remember the story. this man allegedly killed 13, wounded another 32. some of whom spoke about the massacre in a video last year. >> the first round of bullets, one hit me in the chest. i had to go down to the ground to get cover. and i obviously couldn't breathe because i had been shot. >> all of a sudden everybody starts freaking out and panicking. so me and my buddy dropped down
11:51 am
and low crawled to the hallway behind us where then we encountered a female soldier laying on the floor in the fetal position, holding her stomach, saying "my baby! my baby!" >> his face, why he was shooting was, it wasn't a battle cry. it wasn't a grimace. it wasn't a smirk. it was just a cold, hard look as if he did not care. >> well, now not only will these victims see hasan again, they will be compelled to answer his questions because hasan is representing himself. let had he bring in criminal defense attorney janet johnson. when i was reading about this this morning, just putting yourself in these shooting victims' shoes, it seems to me like they would be reliving this here when they are being cross-examined by this man. how do they prepare for this? can they at any point say, i don't want to answer your questions? >> well, you know, i think
11:52 am
somebody can object for the government and say those questions are not appropriate, but no, i mean, there's no way to prepare yourself for basically being victimized all over again. and you know, major hasan is a doctor. he's not a lawyer. and so he's not trained in a court of law to know what is appropriate. and we already know that he's admitted to doing this. so it's hard to know what's going to happen. and that's what makes this case so incredibly unpredictable. >> right. and the thing is, like he said, he said he had -- he would have a guilty plea. the prosecution and the judge, they don't want to accept it because they want ultimately this jury, if the jury convicts them, then it could mean death for him. but can you just give us some context? because from what i've read, the military's death penalty system has been called ineffectual and faulty. >> well, it's been 50 years since somebody was executed. and that was someone who raped and murdered a little girl. and there's been people on death row. one guy has been there since 9 1989. most people think the odds of
11:53 am
him being excused are very slim. and certainly representing himself is a whole avenue for appeal that he's leaving open by doing this. but you know, i guess they want on the table the possibility of a death sentence. and if he pleads, that is off the table. he tried to get that deal, but he couldn't get it. >> how -- when have you ever heard of someone in a situation like this representing him or herself? >> well, you hear about people representing themselves all the time. but for a military capital punishment case -- >> right. >> -- this is unprecedented. and this is a guy who has dismissed lawyer after lawyer. he's already recused a judge. and he spent a lot of the last four years litigating whether he could wear a beard in military court because he is a member of the military. he won that. so he will be bearded. but he's in a wheelchair. he had to have special facili facilities built just so he could have a study, a place to have a library near the courthouse. so it is an extraordinary case. but i suspect one that will end up with a guilty verdict because
11:54 am
he basically has admitted, in his one defense, that he was doing this to protect the taliban. the judge already said she won't allow that. >> protect the taliban from our soldiers who are going over there. this is his perspective. if, you know, he is found guilty, if he is convicted, final question, how likely is it, given what we discussed with the death penalty in the military, how likely is it that he will be put to death? >> you know, i don't know about the odds, but i would say it's much more not likely that he be put to death because based on the track record and the president has to ultimately sign the death warrant, and no president has done that in 50 years. it's hard to imagine. either way he'll die in prison. the question is whether it's by capital punishment or by natural causes. >> as we mentioned, all of this begins tomorrow. janet johnson, thank you very much. >> thanks, brooke. the search for an inmate who made this daring escape shifts focus. hear where this guy may now be hiding and why his mom is behind bars. remember this?
11:55 am
11:56 am
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and could really save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now. with a medicare supplement plan, you'll be able to stay with your doctor. oh, you know, i love that guy. mm-hmm. [ male announcer ] these types of plans let you visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. and there are no networks. you do your push-ups today? prepare to be amazed. [ male announcer ] don't wait. call today to request your free decision guide and find the aarp medicare supplement plan to go the distance with you. go long. in arkansas the manhunt for an es indicated convict has shifted from arkansas to neighboring missouri. authorities say derek estelle has ties to the dallas county area north of springfield, and they believe that may be where he's hiding out. we are also getting new details today on estelle's daring escape and who may have helped him. here's is cnn's nick balencia.
11:58 am
>> reporter: estelle is on the run in garland county, arkansas. now police have identified another possible accomplice. his mother, glenda estelle, has been arrested for allegedly helping her 33-year-old son escape. according to the police report, between union and july, a total of 40 calls were made between estelle and her son. detailing a plot to break free from the jail. >> this guy escaped just in march from another prison. now, you think when he went to this new one, they would have said, this guy is a runner. eve got to make sure we keep our eyes on him all the time. >> reporter: police say that estell seen in this video ta talking on the phone was speaking with his mother. according to a review of the call, his mother asks if he's still shackled. a short time later he jumps out the sliding glass window. police have also arrested 58-year-old william harding, suspected of distracting the guards and providing the getaway car. and an arrest warrant has been issued for the driver of that car. tamara upshaw. as for estell, he was being held for allegedly stealing a car in
11:59 am
march and leading police on a chase that ended with a standoff. >> typically in the past, any dealings with mr. estell, there's been -- he's had in possession of firearm. >> reporter: his rap sheet includes robbery, breaking and entering, 'burburglary and flee. still on the run, estell is considered and dangerous. as for his mother, cnn has not been able to determine if she's hired an attorney. nick valencia, cnn, atlanta. in some of the world's most dangerous places, hundreds of inmates are on the run after coordinated prison breaks. and now an apparent plot from al qaeda has the world on edge and many wondering, coincidence or connection? i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. he cheated. he lied. and now baseball's most expensive star may be about to
12:00 pm
go to war with his league. nightmare on the boardwalk. >> he was looking for blood. that guy was -- that guy -- his intention was to kill people. >> what motivated a driver to ram his car into a crowd of beachgoers? plus, police say a man bought a round of shots for a woman who later caused a deadly accident. well, now he's facing charges. we're on the case. and -- ♪ camouflage shadows and darkness ♪ ♪ no guns >> -- schoolteacher by day, burqa avenger by night. what this new cartoon character is fighting for. and here we go, hour two. great being with you here. i'm brooke baldwin. and we are watching -- we are waiting for the news from major league baseball because they will be issuing a news release
12:01 pm
any minute now here. all indications are that it will spell out the punishment for new york yankees superstar slugger here, alex rodriguez, for his links to a clinic in southern florida that provided performance enhancing drugs, peds. rodriguez has been in the minor leagues. he's been rehabbing an injury. a couple of days ago he implied that his star status and his mega contract, keep in mind this guy signed triple digits in the millions back when he joined the yankees in 2007. this is what he says is part of the reason the league may try to keep him off the field. >> there's more than one party that benefits from me not ever stepping back on the field. and that's not my teammates. that is not the yankee fans. >> who is it? >> who is it? who benefits from that? >> i can't tell you that. i can't tell you that right now, and i hope i never have to. >> this all goes back to earlier this year when the miami new times newspaper linked rodriguez
12:02 pm
and a group of other players to this biogenesis anti-aging clinic. this is just outside of miami where documents, allegedly, were found that named a number of major league players. so as we await the word from bud selig, he's the commissioner of major league baseball, from his office, let's talk about it with some people who know sports very, very well, who know baseball better than anyone. rachel nichols is standing by for us in new york for this news. jason carroll is in chicago where a-rod has vowed to show up to play the white sox tonight. will carroll is the lead writer for "the bleacher report," ben is a writer for "sports illustrated." rachel, let me go to you first. what do we know so far? >> lucky number 13, not very lucky for players involved. we're expecting them to announce the suspensions of 13 players, largest sports performance enhancing sports in u.s. sports history, drugs. it is just amazing, the breadth
12:03 pm
of this scandal. and of those 13 players, brooke, 12 of them, we're expecting them to accept their suspensions. 50 games apiece. major league baseball has done a thorough investigation of this miami clinic. they laid out the evidence for these players. 12 of the 13 said hey, you know what? you got me. we're expecting them to accept their suspensions. we all know who number 13 is. that is alex rodriguez. he has denied any wrongdoing here. he is expected to appeal his suspension. and an interesting report has surfaced in the last hour from t.j. quinn at espn saying that the major league baseball players association made a late approach to the league office today on behalf of a-rod, trying to work out some kind of late settlement and that he was rebuffed by major league baseball. they said nope, this is what you're getting. that press conference you showed just a few minutes ago, a little scorched earth there. it's going to be a battle from here on out. we can expect a major, major soap opera to unfold here.
12:04 pm
>> so as we expect this fight for lucky/unlucky number 13, rachel, jason carroll, let's go to you because i was reading manager joe girardi quoting, if he's in there, i'm going to play him, talking about a-rod playing the white sox tonight. i know people are expecting boos. set the scene for me in chicago. >> reporter: well, you know, he is pencilled in to play tonight. and expecting there to be a lot of jeers and maybe some cheers as he enters the stadium later on this evening. earlier this weekend, when we were with rodriguez there in trenton, new jersey, made it very clear that he wanted to be back on the field. he wanted to be with his teammates and that he had actually gotten some support from his teammates as well. when this suspension, the likely suspension comes down at any minute now, it's not something that's unsuspected in terms of from the a-rod camp or from rodriguez himself. i spoke to a representative from the rodriguez camp who said that
12:05 pm
once the suspension comes down, they're automatically going to appeal. and while they are appealing, he's going to be allowed to play. and you know, that's rubbing a lot of fans the wrong way. even as i was heading down here in the airport, i sopoke to one fan who said, look, this guy has been paid so much money and has done such a disgrace to the game, it's time for him to hang up his hat. then i ran across one rodriguez fan who said look, give the guy a second chance. he's being held to a different standard than other ballplayers. what we have right now in terms of the game, it's a waiting game to see what mlb decides to do specifically in terms of that suspension. >> jason, let me jump in. i think rachel nichols is about to break the news. rachel, what are you learning in the last 60 seconds that we haven't been talking? >> you may have seen me leaning over my desk. i was reading a press release from major league baseball. they have announced the suspensions of the 12 players, the players who have accepted
12:06 pm
their 50-game suspensions. they have not included alex rodriguez on that statement, so we are still waiting for the a-rod portion of this. but it is notable, 12 players suspended for using performance enhancing drugs. several star players on that list including johnny peralta of the detroit tigers, including nelson cruz of the texas rangers, guys who are basically saying, i give. you caught me. and they are accepting these suspensions. that is huge. we are still awaiting word of what's going to go on with alex rodriguez. interesting to see this trickle out the way it is. i mentioned that espn report that major league baseball players association had approached baseball about working out a last-minute settlement for a-rod. that report said that that settlement offer was rebuffed, but we'll have to see what happens here as we await this trickling out. >> i'm ping-ponging between the two of you. now i hear jason carroll, as you're reporting, jason carroll, you have news on a-rod specifically? >> reporter: yes, and this is it. this is the suspension coming down. this is the announcement sebacially from major league
12:07 pm
ba rd part of it to you for you. the headline, "yankee rodriguez, disciplined. new york third baseman suspended 211 regular-season games through the 2014 season." i'm going to read part of it to you here. this, again, the official statement from major league baseball. commissioner allan selig announced "road reegz of the new york yankees has been suspended without pay for the remainder of the 2014 championship season and postseason and the entire 2014 championship season for violations to the joint drug prevention and treatment program and the basic agreement." again, this is what we were talking about. this is what was expected. it goes on to say rodriguez is disciplined under the joint drug prevention and treatment program. it's based on his use and possession of numerous forms of prohibited performance enhancing substances including testosterone and human growth hormone over the course of multiple years.
12:08 pm
so this is the official announcement from major league baseball. alex rodriguez suspended through the 2014 season which basically means he would not be eligible to play until 2015. that would make him nearly who ye 40 years old. this, again, not unexpected with the rodriguez camp. i talked to them several times. this expected this type of suspension to come down. they will automatically appeal. and under this type of suspension -- >> he can play. >> -- he will be allowed to appeal and should be allowed to play while he appeals the suspension as well. >> jason and rachel broke the news. will carroll, now we're hearing that basically he can't play until he's just about 40, which i know in baseball is old. what's your reaction to this? do you feel like the punishment fits the crime? >> that remains to be seen. what will be interesting is seeing how they justify those.
12:09 pm
there are some details in that statement saying he was disciplined under both the joint drug agreement and the basic agreement. you should the joint drug agreement, we have certain suspensions that can be laid out. mostly we know those as the 50-game and 100-game suspensions. there are a couple other for use and possession, another term they used in that press release. how they do that and how they break that down is going to be very important to the arbitration hearing. now we've got to wait to see when this arbitration hearing happens. and interestingly, this might be alex rodriguez coming back tonight to kind of rub it in the yankees' face. remember, they have a disability contract on him. if he plays at all, it wipes that out. had he not played at all this season, they could have recovered a major portion of his salary. >> ben ryder, "sports illustrated," your reaction and just in talking to different people and reading all these different articles, i know a lot of people, unless you are an a-rod fan, and there are a lot of them out there, but a lot of people saying this guy is making a gazillion bucks, he's still owed so much by the yankees.
12:10 pm
if he's rubbing it in the yankees' face, why do people care? they want this to go away. a lot of people do. >> well, a-rod is today the same thing he's been for his entire life. that is an outlier. 12 players, you know, took their suspensions, 50 games. a-rod, the 13th, did not. let's remember, though, alex rodriguez is in a very different position from the rest of the punished players. even all-stars like nelson cruz and jhonny peralta, he's 38, his best days are behind him. he's already made $350 million in his career. yes, he has $100 million thereabouts left on his contract, and he'd like to get every penny of that, but he is also fighting for what's left, any shred of his dignity and his legacy. that starts to explain why alex rodriguez is fighting the suspension where everyone else did not and why this thing is just getting started when it comes to a-rod. >> let me just -- on what you're saying, rachel, let me go back to you. he's talking about dignity and
12:11 pm
legacy. we know that a-rod was a mega slugger. last time he was hitting, he was batting in the .100s, that the best is over. where does he go to play in 2015? >> obviously he's going to play a little before then. what's interesting and it's exactly what you're talking about, if you look at the statement that jason was reading from, they start to get out some details here. these are details baseball has not put out. they're talking specifically what they're getting a-rod on this they say over multiple years he used steroids, hgh, and these are the kinds of details that we're not getting from the players who agreed to their suspensions. people like ryan braun basically just got away with hey, mistakes were made. we're not getting specifics on those guys. baseball obviously going to war with a-rod, and here is the first punch. they're saying here's what he did. here's how long he was doing it for.
12:12 pm
here's how long he was cheating the game. that feeds into the legacy issue that you're talking about. and that's part of what we're going to see trickle out over the next 30 to 40 to 50 days as this arbitration goes through. there's going to be leaks. we've seen that already. it's supposed to be a private process. it's obviously not been a private process. the dirty details are going to come out. and that is going to be hits to a-rod's legacy that baseball was trying to tell him, hey, you can avoid some of that if you agree to a suspension. he didn't want to do that. and now we're going to start hearing some of these details and some of the evidence. it's going to be interesting to see how the arbitrator handles all of that because some of it's going to be very, very specific. >> ben, rachel atalks about hit and hits to his legacy. does this go beyond baseball? >> yes, i think it does. i think we should take a moment to spare a thought for the players who were not penalized today. geo gonzalez of the washington nationals, his name has been linked to biogenesis from the
12:13 pm
beginning. he was not penalized. a few others as well. this is really a thing that has tarnished the game as a whole. i'm not sure if gonzalez is different from anybody else who's played baseball this year or really the past generation. he's been deemed not guilty. that doesn't necessarily make him innocent in the public eye. and perhaps he can never truly clear his name. >> you know, i know a lot of people really put a lot of these professional athletes up on pedestals and will, let me direct this to you. i read an interesting article in the daily beast this morning talking about how the bubble has burst for some of these athletes. this was written by nick gillesp gillespie. use a staten for your cholesterol, viagra in the boudoir, adderall to goose your s.a.t. that's just being a responsible citizen, but use steroids and hgh and pep pills to make yourself run faster, jump higher, grow stronger in pursuit of olympian perfection, that's just wrong. will, does he have a point?
12:14 pm
>> he absolutely does. you know, when you take a look at tv advertisements for drugs like androgel and axilron, there's a lot of i had can kidsr short stature. rodriguez doesn't need it for that. we've drawn a line in the sand. you're right, we use a pill for this or that. but if it's an athlete trying to use a pill to get better or just get back on the field, that's different. we've held these athletes to a far different standard than we've held ourselves. >> rachel, what about the managers who have overlooked this over time? does anything happen to them? >> you know, the culture is changing. and you can't really pick out any one person if you consider just how widespread this has been over a period of time. i don't think there's any question now we're seeing a backlash against steroid and hgh users in baseball. and to say that it didn't used to be that way is an understatement. it used to be that baseball protected its own. and now we are seeing other
12:15 pm
people in the clubhouse from managers to the players saying you know what? go after these guys. we don't want them in the game. and there's a reason we don't just let them cheat. we don't just let them use hgh or steroids. it's because not only does that change the playing field for everybody else and create an arms race for other players who don't want to put those drugs in their body or pressure to do so just to compete, but it does trickle down. we have seen over and over again that when pro players do this, then college players do it to try to get into the pro game. and when college players do it, high school players do it to try to get into getting college scholarships. and the damage done to these young bodies we have seen over and over again suicide rates among teenagers taking steroids, all kinds of other very, very serious issues that we're trying to stop sort of on a national level that goes way beyond alex rodriguez or any of the players involved today. >> you're right. this is bigger than rodriguez. this is bigger than baseball. all of you, thank you. we're not going to go too far from this. jason, rachel, will and ben,
12:16 pm
thank you very much. before we go to break, i want to play a little sound from the last time alex rodriguez talked to cnn. and when we come back, we have a reporter in the thick of things in times square. we'll see how regular folks, yankee fans or not, are reacting to the a-rod news, suspended 211 games, the news just down from major league baseball. we'll be right back. "i'm part of an american success story,"
12:17 pm
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12:19 pm
back to our breaking news on the slugger, the new york yankee third baseman, alex rodriguez, we have now learned from major league baseball -- i'm quoting part of this press release -- his discipline under the joint prevention and treatment program based on his possession of numerous performance enhancing substances. they go on to specify them, and he will be suspended for 211 games. we're going to cover the fan reaction, legal here. first let me go back to jason carroll who is in chicago because the yankees will be playing the white sox tonight. you know, we expect to see a-rod on that third base for the yankees. but jason, you talked to rodriguez pretty recently. tell me about that conversation.
12:20 pm
>> reporter: and this very subject came up, the subject of suspension. it was at that point still looming over his head. he knew that this was a possibility, that he would be suspended through the 2014 season. he knew that even then when i spoke to him a little bit more than a week ago. and so much has been talked about, his legacy, what he feels about the game, how well he can play the game. and i asked him specifically about that. once again, with the suspension looming over his head, how well he thought he could play at this point and what he thought his legacy ultimately would be. >> there's no hiding it. i'm no longer -- i'm not a spring chicken anymore. i'm not 28. i'm going to be 38 here in july. but i do feel like i can contribute. i think i can be a portion of the middle lineup, a big right-handed bat for our team. but i'm in a different stage of my career. is it realistic to go out and hit 40, 50 home runs? i don't think so. or can i go out and have nights like i did last night and do
12:21 pm
that, you know, several times a week? i think so. >> reporter: is it too early to talk about legacy, nearing 38? what would your -- what would you like your legacy to be? >> you know, first, someone that loved the game and someone that respected the game and someone that loved his teammates and just loves to compete. the one thing that no one can take away from me and put forth is how much i love this game. >> reporter: and that really says it all there, brooke, after speaking to him, you really get a sense that this is a man who cares very deeply about the game, cares very much about the game. the question is, did he care so much about the game he would be willing to do anything to play it? again, the suspension through the 2014 season becomes effective thursday. brooke? >> jason carroll for us in chicago. poppy harlow, let me go to you. you are in the middle of new york's times square in presumably yankee country. who are you talking to? >> reporter: yeah. i mean, a lot of yankee fans
12:22 pm
here. and certainly everyone's abuzz talking about this a-rod news that just broke. a few people next to me that want to talk to us about it. first of all, jamie, you're a youth baseball coach, so you have a unique perspective on this. what do you think this means, this 211-game suspension? >> i think it's a fair suspension. he serves as a role model to these young boys and girls who play baseball and softball across the country. we need to send a message to these players that if you're cheating and whatnot is not acceptable. >> reporter: he's getting 211 games which he's going to fight. other 12 players getting 50 games. >> yeah. i know there's been allegations in the past for many of these different players. it really does tarnish the reputation of major league baseball. >> reporter: what do you think, justin? you're here with your four kids. you're all baseball fans. what's your take on this? >> we have a little perspective in that barry bonds, we're from the bay area in california. and we had barry bonds have to step out because of drugs. the reality is that he abused the system. he cheated. he was caught. and now we have a-rod
12:23 pm
believe is $32 million in salary. to him it's a drop in the bucket. but the key point is here what is the message that's being sent to children? >> reporter: good point. let's talk to some of the kids here. brooke, we're going to get to the money angle in just a minute. this is big money we're talking about. but elias, you're a baseball fan. how old are you? >> 14. >> reporter: you've been following this. 14 years old. what's your take? >> i mean, i definitely agree with these guys. baseball, have fun, you know, drugs, it's just totally unfair, you know. have fun with the sport. >> reporter: level playing field? >> level playing field. you can't cheat. it's just unfair to other players. >> reporter: all right. guys, stand by with me. we're going to talk to you more throughout the day. brooke, let's look at the numbers because this is big money that the yankees aren't going to have to pay out if they win in arbitration. it's also big money that alex rodriguez is facing losing if he loses in arbitration. we know he's going to fight this. let's look at what he's got left. $9 million approximately left to pay out to him for the rest of this season. about 51 games left.
12:24 pm
he's going to play some of those before they go into arbitration. his salary for next year, 2014, which mlb is suspending him for the full year. he'll fight that. that salary is $25 million. if you look at the totality of this deal, this is the highest paid player in baseball. ten-year, $275 million contract. still left on that, $86 million is still left on that deal. let's say that he -- if he does indeed get suspended and doesn't play through next season, comes back in 2015, plays through 2017, his contract, still could make $61 million after this suspension is over, brooke. so this is very, very big money that we're talking about here. and he's fighting for reputation. but it's also about money. >> yeah. his legacy, and it is quite a chunk of change, as you pointed out. poppy harlow, thank you.
12:25 pm
2$275 million that he signed in 2007. sunny hostin, i'm thinking legally here, here he is, a-rod saying yes, i did it, so on what grounds does he have to appeal? >> yeah, i think it's going to be very difficult. definitely the appeal is mandated. this is not going to go to a court. it's going to go to an arbitrator. and it's going to go into arbitration because of the agreement. but i think when you have someone that has already agreed and admitted, rather, that this type of behavior occurred, the arbitration is really much more about the penalty. it's much more about the harshest of the penalty. we're talking about 211 games spanning into the 2014 season or the entire 2014 season. and so i think any lawyer is going to argue, okay, there was bad behavior here. but he shouldn't be punished 65 games. he shouldn't be punished 50 games. he should be punished perhaps ten games. i don't know that that's a successful argument when you have 12 other players who have
12:26 pm
accepted the 50-game penalty. many people will believe, and i think an arbitrator will believe, well, this is an acceptance of responsibility, which is what entitles you to less of a penalty. you don't get a lesser penalty by, you know, arguing the point and by grieving the point. so i don't see that there is much to be had by appealing it except for perhaps protecting his legacy. if there's some sort of arbitration agreement that is stipulated to that we don't all hear about, right? that's confidential, then perhaps in some small way, that somehow protects his legacy. >> okay. and ben reiter to you, because all of this talk about a-rod -- and i want to talk about someone integral to the team, to the texas rangers, nelson cruz. i've been forwarded part of his note. he's one of the 12 suspended for 50 games. so he, as the rangers hope, i'm sure, will be back for the playoffs. he says, i look forward to
12:27 pm
regaining the trust and respect of the rangers organization and fans. i'm grateful for the opportunity to rejoin the team for the playoffs. is that a definite? will he be back? >> it's not a definite. you know, nelson cruz's motivations were very different than alex rodriguez's. let's remember that nelson cruz is going to be a free agent after this year. so he was highly motivated to just get the suspension done with. then he'll hit the open market and get another huge contract. that sets him apart from a-rod. let's also remember that last year melky cabrera was leading the national league in hitting, was then suspended for performance enhancing drug use. his suspension was over by the time the postseason came around. but the giants declined to put him back on the roster. so yes, nelson cruz's suspension will be over by the playoffs. the tigers seem certain to be -- i mean the rangers seem certain to be there. we'll have to see if they welcome him back on the team. same thing goes for jhonny peralta, the tigers' shortstop, who will also be a free agent
12:28 pm
next year. the tigers could certainly use him this season, this october. we'll have to see if they decide to bring him back. >> what a year in baseball. ben reiter, thank you very much. we move to the other big story today. security officials have told cnn al qaeda in yemen is in the final stages of planning a terror attack. so coming up next, we'll talk to a former cia officer who will tell us about what he knows and how the u.s. is responding. next. jackie: there are plenty of things i prefer to do on my own. but when it comes to investing,
12:29 pm
i just think it's better to work with someone. someone you feel you can really partner with. unfortunately, i've found that some brokerage firms don't always encourage that kind of relationship. that's why i stopped working at the old brokerage, and started working for charles schwab. avo: what kind of financial consultant are you looking for? talk to us today.
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12:31 pm
lawmakers on the terrorism threat say the intelligence pointing toward a looming attack is the strongest since 9/11. and our sources here at cnn say the key is an intercepted message from within the ranks of al qaeda. so the u.s. government's closed for business really across much of the middle east, also in africa. you see all the dots on the map. those are the different u.s. embassies. they have been shuttered for the rest of the weerk. an unprecedented move by the obama administration. so with us now from washington, d.c., is gloria borger, our chief political analyst. and so gloria, we know members of congress who have seen this intelligence, they seem to support the embassy closures, even republicans. listen to this. >> i'm a republican, but i'm saying the administration -- they've had different issues. what they are doing now is what
12:32 pm
has been to be done. they'd be derelict if they didn't. we can't criticize them for doing too much. >> congressman king, republican. is everyone up there behind the president? >> yeah, i think congressman king kind of summed it up pretty well. look, you know, even the vice president was up on capitol hill last week talking to members in a classified briefing. it's clear to me from my sources, listening to what people are saying publicly is that they have some incontrovertible evidence. and what they're doing is they're erring on the side of caution particularly given what occurred in benghazi. i mean, you know, they're trying to do a lessons learned here and be proactive about protecting embassies rather than waiting for something to occur. so there isn't a lot of grumbling about it on capitol hill other than maybe a few folks privately saying, what kind of intercepts were these?
12:33 pm
don't use this as evidence that the nsa surveillance program with metadata is really responsible for getting these intercepts. some people are a little skeptical of that. >> i guess the only grumbling that i have seen or read was that, you know, that perhaps the u.s. government has overshared in this information. do you think that's the case? do you think that's a valid concern? >> well, you know, it's a concern only insofar as when you overshare, as you put it, you might be tipping some folks off that you'd like to catch. >> right. >> but i think post-benghazi, the feeling is that you can't have what they call a double standard, which is that you can't know these things, keep it to yourself, and not share it with the public that could actually be affected or hurt by these attacks. and so i think the newer strategy is to let people know what you can let them know. by the way, we still do not know
12:34 pm
the direct nature of the threat. i'm not so sure the government knows it. i think it's quite diffuse. and we don't know all the details of what the government knows. but we do know enough to be vigilant and to close these embassies and to give people a heads up. and i think that there's a sense on capitol hill and around washington that that's what we ought to be doing. >> gloria borger, gloria, thank you very much for us in washington. sort of related here, there have been all these prison breaks. new leaders. we're going to break down the apparent reemergence of al qaeda and why they could be more dangerous than the first version. [ crashing ] [ male announcer ] when your favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast with tums. trusted heartburn relief that goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster. ♪ tum, tum tum tum tums!
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12:37 pm
we just told you embassies began shuttering last week as this al qaeda message intercepted by the u.s. threatened attacks. adding to the concerns, you have ramadan ending this week, concerns growing over a possible terrorist mastermind behind several prison breaks in this region, concerning the new al qaeda chatter, this really has the entire world on edge. but is the threat increasing? that's one of the questions. michael chertoff, former homeland security secretary, says yes, saying today's splintered al qaeda is more dangerous than ever before. >> now we have what i call 2.0 or 3.0, which is widely dispersed, a younger generation coming up with new ideas, not necessarily repeating what they did in the past, and we now see
12:38 pm
them all the way from west africa into south asia. and so there's a much broader battlefield. >> cnn international's jim clancy is here. it's interesting hearing chertoff hearing about 2.0, 3.0 because we've talked about that. do you think as a result of that, even despite the fact that they appear splintered, they more of a threat? >> they are in some ways. and we have to recognize that. first of all, the core objectives haven't changed. kill as many americans as possible. set up an islamic caliphate, an islam ig state that they can use as a base. al qaeda needs a base. they need a base they were deprived of that in al qaeda. they remain focused on those goals. but as they splinter, a lot of them have tried to set up the caliphate, say, in mali, north africa, in somalia. they've been pushed back in those areas, but they still remain active. and this is why they pose a threat. they've got that whole network.
12:39 pm
they use it for fund-raising as well. and it grows larger and more intricate by the month. month on month. >> then you add the layer of the prison breaks, a rash of prison breaks in this part of the world. and interpol has been issuing security alerts, links to al qaeda, these breaks. >> they want to find out, were all of these coordinated? was this an offensive by al qaeda? who was behind it? they don't have the answer. they're not telling us they have the answer yet, but it is a source of concern. we have to understand one thing about many of these islamic terror groups and especially al qaeda. they cannot stand to see their members put on trial. and they are facing trial right now. this could be one of the ignition points. ayman al zawahiri came out after those prison breaks and said he was going to try to break everybody out of guantanamo bay where they've been having a hunger strike. we've got a trial starting tomorrow. nidal hasan, the fort hood shooter. surprisingly, the u.s. doesn't call this a terror attack.
12:40 pm
but it left 13 u.s. service members dead, 30 more wounded. it is a huge case. and he had direct ties to awlaki, anwar al awlaki. he was u.s. born. he became the leader, really, of al qaeda on the arabian peninsula. so there's a link there. that trial starts tomorrow, expected to last a month. >> he's representing himself. and imagine the victims on the stand being cross-examined by the man with the gun. jim clancy, thank you very much, our veteran intrepid correspondent who's been all around the world. we appreciate it. coming up, horrible story, drivers mows down more than a dozen people on a famous boardwalk. could this have been prevented? what do they do next? an l.a. city councilman says barriers are necessary to prevent another tragedy. how do they do that? we'll talk to him live next. ♪
12:41 pm
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12:43 pm
it's pretty gruesome to think, but according to witnesses, it was bodies flying
12:44 pm
everywhere. what you're about to see on a venice beach boardwalk, watch the background. this is surveillance footage. you see the car go through. spotlighted for you. accelerating. taking down body after body. this was a beautiful saturday in southern california. these folks just walking along the boardwalk. one person is dead. a 32-year-old woman from italy on her honeymoon. look at these pictures. 11 others were wounded by a driver witnesses say was out for blood, using his own car as a weapon. >> he just drove and took that left turn down the center of the boardwalk and just started driving. and bodies were scattering and bodies were flying in the air. >> he had to have pressed his foot to the gas -- the pedal to the metal because the tires started screeching. and i saw him. he was looking for blood. that guy was -- that guy -- his intention was to kill people. >> mike bohnen is a los angeles
12:45 pm
city councilman whose district includes venice beach, joins me now from l.a. councilman, nice to see you although i hate the circumstances. take me back to saturday. where were you? what was your immediate reaction? >> you know, i was actually in another part of the district that day. and i got a text from the mayor of los angeles alerting me to it. and my first reaction was absolute heartbreak for what had happened, the 12 people who were injured and our hearts go out to the family of alice grupioni, the wedding photos are just tragic. the second was outrage at what seems to have been a deliberate act of senseless violence. and i hope they throw the book at this guy. and the third was just absolute admiration at the quality, the speed, the professionalism of our first responders here in l.a. the cops, firefighters, even the lifeguards and civilians did a great job taking care of things right away. >> the big question, and you're saying throw the book at him. the big question is why. i know the investigation is
12:46 pm
under way. are you hearing anything? >> i'll be getting a briefing from the lapd a little bit later today. it's very telling that it is the lapd's robbery and homicide unit that's investigating this and not the traffic division. you know, if you look at the surveillance videotapes that were shown, it's clear that this guy had some intent and was out to maim and to kill. >> i was reading "the l.a. times" this reporting. they were reporting the driver drove the car onto a sidewalk, finding enough space to maneuver it past five narrow concrete pylons used to block cars. you know, you're quoted as suggesting more barriers were needed. how would that have helped? >> actually, there were four pylons on the street. and if we had a fifth one, it would have prevented him from getting through. it just happened to be a particularly wide sidewalk at this point. and this is one of the few entry points. there's over a dozen entry points to venice beach from r roadways. and this is one of the few that
12:47 pm
had barriers. i'm actually looking to install barriers at the other locations. some of them would be retractible, would go up and down so emergency vehicles can get in. and others can actually be very decorative. at los angeles international airport, we have concrete planters which have flowers. you could have artwork that would serve as a barrier and still make it feel like venice beach and not like fortress venice. >> right, to keep the beauty but keep some evil out as well. mike, thank you very much. we'll be following it to make sure justice is served in this case. thanks. >> thank you very much. coming up, she left the bar, drove the wrong way down a major highway and killed two people. but the thing is, a man bought her drinks, and that man is now facing charges in connection with the deaths as well. on the case next. [ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's four course seafood feast.
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[ crashing ] [ male announcer ] when your favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast with tums. trusted heartburn relief that goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster. ♪ tum, tum tum tum tums! vo:remember to changew that oil is the it on schedule toy car. keep your car healthy. show your car a little love with an oil change starting at $19.95. did you ever go to a bar, buy someone a shot? a 4-year-old pled guilty to killing one and injuring two.
12:51 pm
after jurors saw this video of her, she stumbling around a bar where she had 17 shots and four beers in about four hours. now that she is behind bar, apparently prosecutors have a new targets, a man seen on the video giving her a couple of weeks before she leaves, now are is a warrant for his arrest. the bar, we should be clear, the bar has been cited for overserving this woman. now they are going after this man for giving her the drinks. have you ever heard of something like this before? >> there's something called the dram shop act. florida and nevada are the only two states that don't have temperature noit. normally it would be the bartender. it's rarely issued to a pay tron.
12:52 pm
no one would name him but he was identified from that video. if she had that many shots, i guess the argument is she was so visibly intoxicated, you should know that would happen. i don't know. i think health insurance a hard argument to make sell to a jury. if you're gee fending this man, how do you defend him? >> they have to show the mindset that he was already intoxicating. it seems to me the person who is most likely to know that is the person who has been serving to her, bartender at the straurnt. do you think how this man could get in troubling and -- >> he's an easy person to pick on. he's unlikely able to afford competent legal counsel. he's probably going to have a
12:53 pm
tough time making his defense. as you pointed out, he seems to have a pretty strong defense. how is he to know how much she consumed prior to him meeting her? >> something we had never heard of. thank you both very much. >> coming up next, a beating on a bus all caught on a security camera. three teens are pummelling one another. the bus driver calls 911 and is yelling at them but didn't get up and try to break up the fight. critics accuse him of not doing enough. to fight chronic osteoarthritis pain. to fight chronic low back pain. to take action. to take the next step. today, you will know you did something for your pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a pain reliever fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior
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saving time by booking an appointment online, even smarter. online scheduling. available now at a quick warning. what we're about to show you is difficult to look at. this beating by teen-agers, stomps and connection. the voight you're about to here is the only voice you're hearing here, is the bus driver. >> somebody help, quick, quick, quick. there's nothing i can do. >> the attacks are are under arrest for aggravatedbattery.
12:56 pm
the bus driver is under criticism for not doing more. he is not required to intervene. he says he didn't step in because kwiquite honestly, he feared his own safety. >> i did all i can. i was looking, it was look i was shocked, i was petrified. >> coming up next, a real life indiana jones. doesn't miss this. ♪
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
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including the lexus es and ct hybrids. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection. this week on "the next list," she's been called a real life indiana jones. she's shedding new light on ancient egypt. >> this completely invisible world just comes to life when you're processing the satellite data. >> and in guatemala, a fashion
1:00 pm
designer is transforming her community with trash. their remarkable stories on "the next list" this saturday, 2:30 eastern. >> i'm brooke bald went. thank you for watching. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. watching, waiting and hoping no horrific act of terrorism happens somewhere out there. i'm jake tapper, this is "the lead." first it was a day, now it's a week. 19 u.s. embassies and consulates keeping their doors locked for several days now and we have some breaking news about that warning that al qaeda issued about planning something huge. the money lead. get the meat without buying the cow. how would you feel about biting down on that quarter pounder with cheese if you knew it was grown in a lab? >> and the sports lead. suspended through next season, a-rod, alex
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